Recording biometric data regularly is a great way to monitor physical variables while you are training so that you can determine what is/isn't working and see how your training load is affecting other aspects of your health.

In Sequence you can configure any number of biometric variables that you want to record daily and then easily record those measurements from your dashboard.

To set this up, either open the Biometrics for any day and follow the link to "Setup Biometrics" or navigate to the Biometrics tab in the Settings page directly.

When you first start the page will be empty and look like this:

Let's create a couple of metrics, weight and resting heart rate:

Now in the dashboard view, we can record values for these biometrics on any day using the three-dots menu:

Once that is done, there will be an icon next to the day to show that this day has biometrics data recorded against it. You can click on this icon to edit the values if needed

You can view graphs of your biometrics in the "Metrics" tab — just pick "Biometrics" from the subheading. After you have been recording values for long enough you will be able to gather some meaningful insights from your data. Here's a preview on what it will look like with a couple of months data in it:

We're working on ways to be able to correlate these charts with your other data, both workout measures and stats on your training load, so watch this space!

Back on the Biometric Settings page, you might have noticed a "Track Menstrual Cycle" button below the other metrics. Clicking this will enable you to record your menstrual cycle so that the days of your cycle will be displayed directly on your training schedule planner. After enabling this feature, go back to your dashboard and scroll to the day that your most recent cycle started (clicking "Display Previous Week" if necessary). Once you find the day, open the Biometrics pane from the three-dots menu and click the "Cycle started today" button. This will set this as Day 1 for this cycle.After the page reloads, the schedule will display a badge next to each day with which day of your cycle. You can hover over the day number to see this expressed in "week number, day number" if that works better for you.

The aim of this feature is to help you plan your training throughout your cycle — you can schedule certain workouts when you anticipate your energy levels will be high and you can avoid scheduling a weekend trip to redpoint your long term project at a time when you anticipate your energy levels won't be cooperative. You know your own body better than anyone else!

When your next cycle starts, simply repeat the above process on the new Day 1 and the schedule will recalculate everything based on this new record (it doesn't matter how many days your period has gone for or if it has fluctuated from normal).

As with the rest of the Biometrics, this feature is new and still under active development — we have a lot more planned for this feature to allow you to record more detailed info throughout your cycle. We have had a lot of invaluable input already into the design of this feature, which we are really grateful for, but we are always eager to have more feedback and suggestions.