Workout Measures

Custom measures on a workout allows you to define certain metrics that you want to measure.

This is a simple feature that brings lots of flexibility and power to the platform.

The exciting thing with custom measures is you have the ability to track specific measurements that align with your training.

Some examples:

  • Weighted Pull-up
  • Deadlift weight
  • Number of moves
  • Number of V grade Moonboard Benchmarks
  • Recovery exercises - e.g. Weighted Wrist Curls
  • Edge hang time
  • Basically anything 🎉

When adding a new workout all you need to do is click on "Create a New Measurement" and fill in the fields. You can add as many measures to each workout as you want. 

One thing to keep in mind is that each measurement has to have a unique name for each workout (otherwise it'd get too confusing!). You can have a metric with the same name on another workout though.

If you want to add measures to an existing workout, when editing a workout you can create and modify them in the dialog that appears. Choose a descriptive name, and if you want to you can also give it a default value and a unit.

Now when you go to complete a workout that has custom measurements you can input the values for that session. If you specified a default value for any measures, they will already be populated.